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The next event will be held in Auckland in late July / Early August - Date to be confirmed

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Important! The NZSUG are in the process of implementing a new event management tool and website. We will send you a newsletter (with registration links) to let you know when you can sign up for the next event.


The User Group

The New Zealand SAP user group is a non-profit organization. Free membership is available for all SAP licensed customers, under the ‘Standard Member’ category. Consultants and partners can join and become registered under the ‘Associate Member’ category, but will have limited rights and accessibility.

The New Zealand SAP User Group is an umbrella group covering users of Enterprise SAP with discussions under way to widen membership to include customers, consultants and partners in the areas of  SAP Business One and SAP Business Objects. Over time we will be pursuing opportunities to introduce special interest groups with a smaller group of members in conjunction with the main user group meetings, with a focus on specific agendas and technologies . If you have any ideas or recommendations for special interest groups, please feel free to forward them to  info@nzsug.co.nz.

The Website

This site has been created to facilitate communication between user group members in relation to SAP orientated topics and materials. It also supports and co-ordinates correspondence between the user group executive, specifically with events and agendas.

A Word From Our Sponsor

NZSUG represents the heart and soul of the SAP ecosystem in New Zealand, connecting people, sharing experiences and best practices.  Like SAP User Groups all over the globe, peer-to-peer learning is a powerful way for customers to understand their SAP systems and enable them to extract maximum value.

Those most actively involved in the User Group get the most out of it.  Active customer involvement in Online Forums, Special Interest Groups and NZSUG meetings is essential – you have valuable knowledge and experience to share!

SAP is dedicated to the success of the User Group.  I greatly value the input of NZSUG to our business and hearing direct and honest feedback on how we can improve our products and serve you better.

Thank you for being active members of the SAP ecosystem.


Greame Riley
Managing Director, SAP New Zealand